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This protocol is used by Wayland compositors which act as Direct Renderering Manager (DRM) masters to lease DRM resources to Wayland clients.

The compositor will advertise one wp_drm_lease_device_v1 global for each DRM node. Some time after a client binds to the wp_drm_lease_device_v1 global, the compositor will send a drm_fd event followed by zero, one or more connector events. After all currently available connectors have been sent, the compositor will send a wp_drm_lease_device_v1.done event.

When the list of connectors available for lease changes the compositor will send wp_drm_lease_device_v1.connector events for added connectors and wp_drm_lease_connector_v1.withdrawn events for removed connectors, followed by a wp_drm_lease_device_v1.done event.

The compositor will indicate when a device is gone by removing the global via a wl_registry.global_remove event. Upon receiving this event, the client should destroy any matching wp_drm_lease_device_v1 object.

To destroy a wp_drm_lease_device_v1 object, the client must first issue a release request. Upon receiving this request, the compositor will immediately send a released event and destroy the object. The client must continue to process and discard drm_fd and connector events until it receives the released event. Upon receiving the released event, the client can safely cleanup any client-side resources.