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Generic wayland protocols


This protocol allows a client to describe the kind of content a surface will display, to allow the compositor to optimize its behavior for it.
This protocol is used by Wayland compositors which act as Direct Renderering Manager (DRM) masters to lease DRM resources to Wayland clients.
This protocol allows a compositor to suggest for surfaces to render at fractional scales.
Fullscreen shell protocol
Screensaver inhibition protocol
Input method protocol
Input timestamps protocol
Protocol for inhibiting the compositor keyboard shortcuts
Linux DMA-BUF protocol
Linux explicit synchronization protocol
protocol for constraining pointer motions
Pointer gestures protocol
Presentation time protocol
Primary selection protocol
protocol for relative pointer motion events
This protocol extension allows clients to create single-pixel buffers.
Wayland protocol for graphics tablets
This protocol provides a way for clients to indicate whether or not their content is suitable for this kind of presentation.
Text input protocol
Viewporter protocol